Wawbeek Boys’ Dorm Bathroom Update and an Informal Tribute

Hello Friends!

We do have some projects that we are working on here at camp – a big one being remodeling the bathrooms and shower room in the Boys’ Dorm at Camp Wawbeek! If you have stayed in this dorm, you will probably agree that they were in need of an upgrade and some attention! Thanks to a beloved Easterseals Wisconsin Board member, John Van Wie, we were able to see this project become a reality! There are new sinks and toilets (thanks to a generous donation from Kohler!), new stalls (real stalls…not the curtains!) will be installed next week, new tile, and actual dividers in the showers. We are excited to see this project come to fruition, and can’t wait to be using them this summer.

Vision for the Remodel

We’ve shared some formal tributes about the passing of our dear friend, John Van Wie, but I wanted to take a moment to share just how much he has done for camp. The contractors are using John’s hand-drawn plans for the dorm showers, and it was his vision for the bathrooms we are completing as well. John not only took on designing the renovation and lining up contractors, he also helped us secure funding. Remember how lovely the Menonomi Cabin remodel turned out? That was thanks to John’s efforts (and the work of another board member, Chuck Buell). That cool zip line? John helped secure the funding. He would visit every Veterans Family Camp and welcome everyone on behalf of our Board of Directors. John even got his wife, Joanne, involved in our Veterans Family Camp through her involvement with Quilts of Valor.

John was a wonderful friend of camp, and believed in all we did…and is truly missed every day.

In camp spirit,


Welcome to the Birchbark Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Birchbark Blog! Our communities and the world are quickly changing, and we thought this would be a great way to keep in touch with updates on what is happening at the Camps, and even throughout the agency. We also hope this will be a happy place for you to visit, just like Camp Wawbeek and Respite Camp, full of that “camp spirit,” but in words and photos.

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