Coffee Filter Artwork Getting crafty at home!

Looking for more art project inspiration using household items? If you have some paper coffee filters and a few simple art supplies on hand, then we have some great crafts for you to try at home!

Coffee Filter Rainbows

These coffee filter rainbows are a perfect way to relieve some stress and add some bright colors and fun to the household decor. They are easy to make and should be able to be made using all the things you probably have at home. No need to go out to the store during the “safer at home” orders. Here is a link to pictures and directions. We used markers and a spray bottle with water but the link calls for just some basic water colors. Either option will work!

What you will need:

  1. Markers (substitute water color paints)
  2. Spray bottle with water (Substitute for cup of water for water color paints)
  3. Plastic tablecloth, paper towel, or newspaper to cover table
  4. White coffee filters
  5. Scissors
  6. Optional Items: puffy cotton balls & glue


  1. Flatten a regular white coffee filter on the table covered with tablecloth or newspaper.
  2. Color the rainbow around the whole circle of the coffee filter, starting in backwards order of colors with purple first, as the innermost circle. Leave some of the center white. The backwards rainbow : Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Keep coloring each color in a circle around the coffee filter until your rainbow is complete with all colors.
  3. Use the scissors to cut the coffee filter in half so that there are two half circles.
  4. Now, take your spray bottle of water ( if you used markers) and squirt some water onto the colored coffee filters.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Then if you would like, take some glue and cotton balls and glue the cotton balls onto the straight edge of the rainbow to look like clouds. Let the glue dry.
  7. Hang somewhere in your house to enjoy the happy and bright rainbows.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

What you will need:

  1. Coffee filters
  2. Table cloth or newspaper on table
  3. Water color paints
  4. Pipe cleaners
  5. Paint brushes
  6. Cup of water


  1. Flatten a single coffee filter onto a covered countertop.
  2. Paint! Pick your favorite colors and paint the whole surface of the coffee filter.
  3. Let the filters dry.
  4. Once dry gather / pinch together the filter in the middle.
  5. Next, take a pipe cleaner and bend it in half and slide over the pinched middle of the coffee filter and twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner around one another to secure to the coffee filter.
  6. There still should be two free ends of the pipe cleaner to curl and bend to look like antennas.
  7. Spread the coffee filter to look like the wings.
  8. Play with and show off your coffee filter butterfly!

Coffee Filter Parachute Men

What you will need:

  1. Coffee Filters
  2. 2 Pipe Cleaners
  3. Markers


  1. Flatten the coffee filters.
  2. Color the coffee filters.
  3. In the meantime, have helpers make the stick people while kids are coloring. Make a stick person using one pipe cleaner. Twist a loop in the middle for his head. Bend back both ends for the arms. Then twist back together which will create a torso. The remaining ends of the pipe cleaner are for his legs.
  4. Once the coffee filter is completely colored, take the second pipe cleaner and poke one end through the coffee filter. Fold to secure.
  5. Take the other end of the pipe cleaner that is attached to the coffee filter and run through the arms (arms should be loops) of the pipe cleaner man.
  6. Then connect the free end of the pipe cleaner that was looped through the pipe cleaner man’s arms and attach to the opposite side of the coffee filter by poking a hole through the filter. Bend filter to secure and enjoy your parachute guy!

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