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Hello, and welcome to the Birchbark Blog! Our communities and the world are quickly changing, and we thought this would be a great way to keep in touch with updates on what is happening at the Camps, and even throughout the agency. We also hope this will be a happy place for you to visit, just like Camp Wawbeek and Respite Camp, full of that “camp spirit,” but in words and photos.

A quick update on Weekend Camp Sessions: As of today (March 26, 2020), we have cancelled our March 27-29 Wawbeek Youth Session, and March 20-22 and April 3-5 Respite Camp Sessions. We are notifying campers, families, and fiscal agents of the changes and cancellations as they happen.

We HAVE NOT cancelled the April 17-19 Wawbeek Transitions session, our April 24-26 Respite session, or our May 1-3 Family Camp for Veterans. We are waiting to see where we are with COVID-19 in our communities and will be making a decision in early April. We know our families (campers, parents, and caregivers!) will need some Respite and Camp in their lives, so want to make the most informed decisions when the time comes. We are continuously referring to the CDC and consulting with our Medical Team to make decisions to keep us all safe, healthy, and happy.

Just because we aren’t holding weekend camps it doesn’t mean we aren’t busy at camp! We are using this time to get a bit caught up, doing some deep cleaning and trail clearing, updating our trainings and forms that we have been wanting to do for years, and keeping in touch with all of our camp staff, volunteers, and campers as much as possible.

SUMMER IS STILL ON! It is in our nature to be optimistic and hopeful at camp, and we are planning on a great summer season! We will all need some time by the pool, singing songs at the campfire, and cool arts & crafts by the time June rolls around.

We all have to do our parts to get through this health crisis, and just like at camp, each person is important to seeing this pass. Check in on each other, and when it all seems to be overwhelming, do what we do at camp – take a deep breath, and smile at the song you hear coming from the dining hall, notice the birds that made a nest in the 75th anniversary tree, and find joy in knowing we will be together at camp soon.

In Camp Spirit,


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